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**OK so I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Truth is, I haven’t felt like I had anything to say that I wasn’t already putting out there on Facebook and Twitter. This post, however, is more for the tiny presses like my company and self-publishers, not necessarily for readers who read my novels. Although, if you are one of those readers who follows my blog, then by all means, read away, and comment below. I welcome all comments and opinions.**

I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing. As an independent, marketing usually falls heavily on our shoulders. We don’t work with Ad agencies or market Analysis companies. We don’t have a team of interns running our social media, and some of us don’t have degrees in marketing. I know I don’t. Nevertheless, here are a few conclusions I’ve come to on my own, that I thought I would share. The only analytic data I used were from my personal website. However, food for thought.

Facebook Vs Twitter

I’m sure most everyone one knows the pique time to post on social media from a marketing standpoint is either just before 7am, or 9am, or noon or after 7pm. Before every single seminar, I attended said to post then. If you want your message to be seen that is the time to do it.

What I’ve figured out: Facebook automatically sets your news feed to top stories. This will be where paying for your page’s post to be viewed will come in handy, because not everyone is like me and remembers to reset that to be most recent. In fact, the time may come where you post gets lost in the mix completely because you don’t pay to advertise it. (My and only my opinion, I have no facts on this) With Facebook. I feel that I have more of an exclusive relationship among the people I’m connected with. Because we are allowed to be wordy, and follow specific conversations.

Twitter is great for contests. I find more of my links are clicked, and more tweets are retweeted when I’m offering things. In January, I ran a point contest where I gave points for tweets. I received over a thousand tweets in a two-week period. I was afraid that I’d only get 15-20 tweets total. It was unbelievable the response I got. I find it hard to keep up on interactions on Twitter. I love being there and hanging out, sometimes I just don’t get any response, so what do I do? I go back to Facebook.

For me, neither one is the clear winner here, I get something from each media outlet. But don’t even get me started on Pinterest. I may post a blog just about that, and how much I love it. Facebook does win if we’re counting my hours logged in that website, though.

Blogger Vs WordPress

“Blogger is owned by google so it will show up first in google searches.” EUEUEURRRR Wrong. (That was my wrong buzzer sound) WordPress shows up first in all the search engines; sure Blogger lets you be a bit more creative, but WordPress looks and acts more professional. Blogger is like the teenager, to WordPress’ adulthood. Blogger is about the bells and whistles where as WordPress is about essential. Of course, it depends on what you want to get out of your blog. In my opinion, WordPress wins hands down. Guess what I’m using to write this post. 🙂

Amazon Vs BN Vs Smashwords

I’m talking strictly sales of my books. Amazon is everywhere. Amazon’s report page seems to be in real time. Amazon allows you to put a sale anytime, any price. My sales on Amazon are OK, I guess. BN report page is 3 days behind. That’s ok, because I know they are accurate. BN’s website for Pubit is easy to navigate to find my books. I am selling a lot of books on BN. Whatever they are doing to sell my books; their algorithms are working. BN, is my favorite.

I hate smashword. Leave it at that.

So that’s my VS post. Maybe next time I’ll do a VS for my readers only. Characters, or settings or something. Let me know what you want.

These again, are strictly my opinions, no mathematic numbers or internet coding were harmed in the making of this blog. So, do you share my opinion or think I’m way off?

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