An eighteen hour drivers probably too much time to spend inside my brain. As I drove while my family slept and listened as my children talked when El Señor drove I made a few silent observations that made me both smile and sigh contently. This post may be more for myself later to look back on as I’m bundled up on a cold Indiana winter day, when I miss summer, my kids because they’re in school, or whatever irritations winter brings because there are plenty.
I digress. Here are my vacation observations. They may not mean as much to you but hopefully you’ll laugh too.

1. I don’t understand why Tennessee welcomes you to it as your heading south on 24 and have been in the state for two hours. I mean I get it if you go out of the state for a few miles and come back in but where is the welcome sign at the Kentucky/Tennessee border. That’s the accomplishment. That’s when it matters when you’re like am I in in Kentucky or Tennessee? In the middle of the night state lines are accomplishments.

2. Don’t beat yourself up when you realize five hundred miles in that you forgot something even if it’s important. I forgot my protein shakes, workout mix drink, and soap. But I remembered UNDERWEAR. Hooray for me! I’m on vacation. Besides I’m sure they’ll have a vitamin shop somewhere near me.

3. I should have confiscated his the kazoo.

4. Lilman: Does it ALWAYS rain in Florida?
Me: five minutes at a time, yes it does.

5. The highway is full of migraters. And people will pack their cars up every which way. There’s the tarped luggageon the roof rack, which was our method last year. Trash bag covered, gimpy hard covers and perfectly packed travelers. I say get yours however you can. And make it count.

6. I love watching my little ones be kind to each other. They don’t have the distractions of other friends and Internet. So they talk and hug on each other. It might be my favorite.

7. That damn kazoo!

8. The farthest plate I’ve seen is Arizona. El señor: Ontario.

9. I still don’t mind driving through the mountains. I still mind driving through Atlanta.

10. Me: I’m hongrier than. A hostage.
Lilman: how do you know how much an ostrich can eat?
Kids are funniest when they don’t intend to be and when you least suspect it.
11. Faded Mohawk-mullets are popular in Florida this season.
I don’t get it.
12. Sometimes a salt-water pool is better than the ocean.

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