My Friday Five Fave: 80’s Teen Movies

These are the movies that I watched repeatedly on the USA Network. They were movies that I wasn’t allowed to watch either, but boy did I LOVE them.

5.   License to Drive

4.   Heathers

3.  Adventures in Babysitting

2.  16 Candles

1.  Breakfast Club


That being said I wouldn’t mind snuggling in this weekend and having an movie marathon, who’s with me? What are your five fave 80’s teen movies?


  1. zlionsfan says:

    One of those movies is _not_ like the others … I didn’t see Heathers until much later. I saw it again a few years after that, and it really didn’t stand up well.

    I’m a little surprised that Breakfast Club made the list, but St. Elmo’s Fire didn’t. It’s Mare Winningham, isn’t it? You can say if it is. No one will think less of you.

    I would replace License to Drive with Lost Boys, because obviously. (Actual vampires that obey rules, not this glitter stuff. Plus it worked out great that the head vampire was also in obnoxious truck commercials, not necessarily at the time, but shortly thereafter.)

    Adventures in Babysitting was OK because it was cute Elizabeth Shue (before she became hot Elizabeth), but I don’t know that the movie was that good. I would have thought Can’t Buy Me Love would be the one you’d have on your list. But really both of them are eclipsed by Say Anything … if you aren’t a John Cusack fan, then some people I know would disown you. (Two dollars … Better Off Dead is more of a cult classic than a top-5 movie, but I prefer it because it isn’t so serious.)

    The “teen” qualifier is probably necessary because otherwise the list fails with the absence of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • miacastile says:

      I’ve never seen St. Elmo’s Fire. Well I take it back, I saw the hospital scene at the beginning of the movie, but that was it. I’m a very campy 80’s movies kind of girl, though I do love the Indiana Jones, and Lethal Weapons, Die hards and Arnold movies.
      Lost Boys… eeh could be in the top 10 maybe. I fell in love with Corey Haim in Licence to drive. Can’t buy me love? I hated how he treated his friends. He deserved the humiliation when she “outed” him.
      Say Anything, didn’t really Do Anything for me. I like John Cusack, but I wasn’t crazy about that movie.
      I mean, Fast times at Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink and goonies could easily round out the top 10.

      • zlionsfan says:

        Right, Fast Times was an ’80s movie. “Whoa, Mr. Hand!” Ferris Bueller wasn’t bad, but it just doesn’t have appeal to me these days.

        St. Elmo’s Fire is basically Breakfast Club in college. (Not a sequel – different characters, different screenwriter, etc. – but some of the same actors, and definitely some of the same themes.) Worth a look if it’s on Netflix or something.

        Action movies are a whole separate category, I guess. I mean, Die Hard was awesome, but totally not a teen movie.

        • miacastile says:

          Yes, I could do 80’s action movies, 80’s thrillers, I think No way out would be on my list of thrillers.
          OOHH Taps, I forgot about Taps. That was a crazy Movie. Talk about Tom Cruise foreshadowing. Toy Soldiers, Those are teen movies, but is a different list that would include Stand by me. I feel a movie marathon coming on soon 🙂

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