Just Write



Just write; just write.


Why is it so hard for you to put on paper what you feel?

Express your emotions, Close your eyes, and write what you see.

I see.

I see darkness.

I hear nothing.

Blackness engulfs my soul, turning my thoughts into tar, and nothingness.

Creativity greys and disappears into the rainbow of darkened hues.

Just write


Flowing words,

Descriptive words.

Why do you escape me, playing hide and seek?

But you are forgetting the seek part. Wait, that’s my job.

I speak just fine; I could speak all day long,

But when the time comes to write, my speech, too, is gone.

 Just write.

Describe a scene, a dream from last night.

Explain details of how everything made sense then.

But now, it’s gibberish.

I was creative last night, dreaming in vibrant colors,

Writing lyrics that made my heart cry, and I awoke with tears in my eyes.

But now those words are gone.

 Just write.

Use your frustrations, create a skeleton.

Build the veins, and meat off of that.

It’s easy to command, to teach and tell,

Execution determines if writing is what you do well.

Do I execute well? All I can do is: Just write.

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