Friday Five Fave – Childhood books

*I’m a little late, it’s been a busy week*

When I was little there were a few picture books that I would read repeatedly. These are the books that I could still quote lines from today. ” ‘How was your class trip to the farm?’ ‘It was ok, untill the cow started crying.’ ”

5. Green Eggs and Ham -Dr. Seuss (really any Dr. Seuss books would work here but that was my favorite, I always looked at it in the dentist office, for whatever reason)

4. Bread and Jam for Francis – Russell Hoban (Again, I loved all the Francis books, and once I got a record of all the books read from the Library and listened to it non-stop for 3 weeks.)

3. Care Bears Book of Favorite Bedtime Stories – Illustrators: Tom Cooke, Troy Howell, Leslie H. Morrill, Stella Ormai, Bob Pepper, David Wiesner (This was a collection of folklore fables and poems, and this book might have began my love for poetry.)

2. Happy Birthday Moon – Frank Asch

1. The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash – Trinka Hake Nobel  (All time, hands down favorite childhood book.)

What is your favorite Childhood book? I’d love to walk down memory lane with you 🙂

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