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I enjoyed telling my stories as a small child, of an imaginary friend, named Charlotte.   I don’t remember interacting with her; but I  always told tales of our adventures. I guess even as a small girl the creativity started early.
I don’’t speak Spanish, unfortunately, even though my father emigrated from Mexico. He met my mother in the United States. They were married fornine years, but in the end, went separate ways. Thank God, my grandparents were able to help raise me and my sister.
 I did a lot of my creative writing during my classes in high school. I almost flunked Algebra that year, but I walked away with the beginnings of my first novel, The Ocean. I only wrote seven or eight chapters before I became overwhelmed. I set it aside  eventually forgetting about it but stuck with writing poetry as I continued with my life, even into my “Urban” phase. This was the time of my life that I say ““My slang got a little twang in it.” I did a lot of growing up over the next few years.  
I have always lived in Indianapolis. I love the feel of this city. It’’s small enough to get anywhere in about forty-five minutes, but has a nice big city feel downtow
I have vivid dreams. That is where I get most of my inspiration for my plots and themes. It was a series of dreams that forced my hand to begin writing again. I began writing the series Generations. When I was half way through the storyline, (not the first novel) The Ocean began creeping back into my mind. It became an obsession and I realized I had to write it again.   These two stories are very intricate to why I became a writer.n. When you get all dolled up and go out on the town, you really enjoy it.